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Automotive Technology of West Islip

Automotive Technology of West Islip

You can entrust your car to us.

Automotive Technology of West Islip is a full service auto repair shop established in 1996 by West Islip resident Tom Esposito.  We provide service to the communities of West Islip Bay Shore and North Babylon, NY. Our customers are neighbors and friends and we are proud to have it that way.

Why Automotive Technology of West Islip

Was created to help body shops adapt to the changing collision environment. With the liability on an automotive shop at its all-time high the time is now…To  guarantee  quality  and  safety of the modern-day vehicle. AToWI  provides  high level knowledge and state of the art equipment; providing the solution necessary to calibrate and repair the latest model vehicles. AToWI  is focusing its horsepower on independent shops , smaller shops that do not provide mechanical services in-house, and shops that are in the West Islip area. AToWI will enhance these shops with technology and expertise needed to conform to the high quality standard that the market demands.

Our Team

What makes

Automotive Technology of West Islip Great?

We understand that trust is earned, and would like a chance to earn yours. We pride ourselves on providing our customers the best repair experience possible, including excellent workmanship, service and a fair price.

We service all makes and models of vehicles and can do any repair from large to small. We offer email reminders for scheduled maintenance, appointments, and walk-ins based on availability.

The finest automotive repair service anywhere… put your car in our expert hands.

AToWI  has  low  overhead costs  which  allows  usto work with  shops  on  labor rates, according to their insurance partner contracts.

The  owners  of  AToWI  have  years  of  experience  in  successfully  blending mechanical  work  within  a  collision business. We understand  your  view point.

AToWI spared  no  expense on  tools  and  equipment,  to  ensure  the  highest quality  repair.

Automotive Technology of West Islip Offers:

Diagnostics of drivability issues, post and pre-repair
Pre-Diagnosis with repair procedures and labor times
Complete suspension repairs Blind Spot, Distance Radars, Blind Spot, Distance Radars, Adaptive Headlamp Calibration
All SRS Modules and Occupancy Sensor Reprograming
Four Wheel Alignments.
Steering Angle Reset
Hub and Bearing Press
AC Evacuation and Recharge
Engine Overhauls
Wire Harness Repair
EVAC and Charge 1234YF AC

Who Benefits from our Service?

Body shops who rely on the dealer to tackle difficult electrical and mechanical issues
Shops who buy cars from auctions that have mechanical and/or electronic issues
Shops who are bound by insurance max markup or even no markup on sublet bills
Shops that are not close to Dealers
Shops that are tired of damaged suspension repairs, taking up stall space and killing cycle time
Shops who want to guarantee new suspension parts