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Automotive Technology of West Islip provides Auto Body Repair and Paint services to West Islip, Metro area, and surrounding NY areas.

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The Basics Behind Auto Body Repair and Paint Services at Automotive Technology of West Islip
Many motorists use auto body repair and paint services to help restore their vehicles after a collision. When your vehicle endures a crash, minor accident, or major collision, the result is often exterior scratches and paint blemishes. Exterior damage like dents might need to be fixed, and interior parts like trim panels may require the help of an expert. If scratches need to be covered, automotive paint can be used to great effect. Today, paints exist for both the interior and exterior parts of a vehicle. From a scratched body to a scraped dashboard, automotive paint can help return a vehicle to like-new appearances. Paints come in many different colors and as either water-based or solvent-based. If you have any inquiries about which paints we use or what parts need repair, please contact us.

Why Should You Have Auto Body Repair and Paint Services Performed at Automotive Technology of West Islip?


When you bring your vehicle to us for auto body repair, paint services, or both, we’ll use the proper tools and supplies to help make your vehicle look new again. Our knowledgeable automotive repair staff will carefully inspect and repair the damaged parts on your vehicle. Our staff is trained to recognize and repair auto body damage associated with major and minor auto body damage caused by collisions.


Paint Repair

Automotive Technology of West Islip meticulously matches the correct paint color ensuring seamless transitions, resulting in a 100% corrective auto body paint repair. Some collision repair can be resolved without paint. We will discuss options and ensure your car is not only running smoothly, but looks great while doing it.

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If your vehicle’s appearance is important, our automotive repair and paint services are worth your investment. Our staff can take care of impurities like scratches and nicks before applying paint. We will work hard to restore your vehicle’s appearance and functionality. Our ultimate goal is to have your vehicle looking like it did prior to the accident, if not better.
We proudly service the Auto Body Repair and Paint needs of customers in West Islip, West Islip, Metro West Islip and nearby NY towns.


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