Automotive Fuel System Cleaning Bayshore

Automotive Fuel System Cleaning Bayshore

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The major parts of your fuel system that handle delivering the fuel include the gas tank, the transfer pump, fuel system filtration products, the injection pump assembly, and the injectors. As it functions, this system inevitably becomes contaminated with inorganic elements, micro-organisms like algae, and plain water. Because of their abrasive and unyielding composition, both water and inorganic contaminants comprise the major sources of damage to fuel system parts. These types of substances usually form up to 20 percent of the materials caught by the fuel filter.

Contamination can wear out and corrode the transfer and injection pumps, which in turn reduces pressure and the flow of fuel. You’ll experience this as a hard start. Unnecessary wear in the injector tips contribute to inefficient spray patterns and bad fuel economy. Substances contributing to this wear include metals, scale, rust, and dirt.

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Keeping the fuel tank well-maintained demands periodic inspection for free water in the tank, visual examination of the tank exterior and connections for wear and rust. If the tanks show contamination, it must be fully drained, thoroughly cleaned, rinsed of any cleaning solutions, and then filled again with clean fuel.

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Our Service Center can perform the necessary fuel system inspection, maintenance, and repair. More service bays means less waiting so that your vehicle goes in and out faster. When you need a quick oil change, our Automotive Technology of West Islip is ready to provide service. You’ll find your time at our facility very pleasant.

Our new customer lounge and cafe is built for relaxation plus you can browse the Internet. Our child-friendly environment boasts a dedicated children’s room with a private TV to keep your little ones entertained.

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If you want your vichels to run in the best shape for as long as you own it, you need to take it in for regular maintenance and, when problems develop, immediate repair. You’ll find fully qualified professionals staffing our Automotive Technology of West Islip Repair Center. They have the experience, know-how, and skills to make you car, SUV, or truck at its peak performance. Our technicians can easily manage simple maintenance, such as oil changes and air filter replaces, and handle more involved fixes, such as engine overhauls and drive-train repairs.

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When you need to schedule service, contact us at (631) 321-5209 for an immediate response, or via our online scheduling form for greater convenience. If you choose the latter, one of our service specialists will contact you to finalize arrangements.