Brake Repair Bayshore

Brake Repair Bayshore

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It’s our job to make sure your brakes do theirs. Come to Automotive Technology of West Islip for everything from rotor rust to brake pad replacement in BAYSHORE, NY.

Bayshore Brake Repair

Put a Stop to Brake Problems
Do squeaky brakes, a spongy brake pedal, or less stopping power have you in desperate need of Bayshore brake specialists? Automotive Technology of West Islip is where you want to go to get brakes for less than other shops.

Thanks to our easy-to-download brake coupons, you can save on the brake repairs and services you need to drive safe from morning to night. But when should you stop by? Watch out for signs! Smells, sounds, and sensations in your steering wheel can all mean you’ve got braking problems. Brake noises can point to worn pads. A burning smell near your tires isn’t normal, and is a sign you need a brake inspection.

Whatever the issue, your best bet is to get a brake check before things worsen, since the damage could spread throughout your brake system.

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Brakes for Less, but Service that Beats the Rest
Head to Automotive Technology of West Islip a complimentary brake check in Bayshore, when it’s convenient for you. During your inspection, our technicians will measure pad, rotor, and drum wear, in addition to checking the health of your emergency brake and brake fluid. We’ll then consult with you about the service your car may need, like brake fluid change, brake line replacement, rotor and drum resurfacing, or brake pad replacement.

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Whether you need new pads or hoses, you’ll find that we’re one of the best choices for brakes on a budget. Each year our technicians perform close to a million brake repairs!

Are Your Brakes Good to Go?
Ignoring brake problems is a recipe for risk. Schedule an appointment at your local Automotive Technology of West Islip for brake services in Bayshore at the first sign of a spongy brake pedal or squeaky brakes.

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For your convenience, most locations are open in the Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 8am to 5pm and Closed Sunday. Trust our work and trust your brakes. Call us at (631) 321-5209 schedule an appointment with one of our experienced professionals. Find your nearest shop and invest in safe driving today!