Car Electrical Repair Deer Park

Car Electrical Repair Deer Park

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Automotive Diagnostics Electrical Deer Park, NY
Foreign and Domestic Check Engine Light, Diagnostic and Research, Electrical Wiring Problems
Today’s vehicles have complicated computer systems that are connected. They communicate to each other and throw codes when one or all are not functioning properly. Our trained crew can diagnose, pinpoint and correct the system’s faults.

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Diagnose and Repair Vehicle Electronics
Check Engine Light
The OBD System, or On-Board Diagnostics System. Your car’s engine is monitored by this on-board computer and if anything goes wrong, it will signal a “Check Engine” or a beeping sound will be heard. It is best not to disable this light or any warning light or sound even though it can be irritable to hear or see. It is best to have a qualified technician who is certified to diagnose this light or sound to prevent any damage or more expensive repairs.

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Free Code Read and 15 min Consultation
Automotive Technology of West Islip will connect our code tool to your car’s computer and read the codes that may have turned your car’s check engine lamp on. At this point, we will discuss, in general, what the different areas could be that would trigger these codes.

We will advise you of the necessary tests and research that need to be performed to determine exactly what the root cause of your car’s problem is. Be aware, that check engine lamp codes only give a technician a general fault area and in most cases, are not very accurate.

Our service writer, can book a diagnostic appointment to determine the root cause of your vehicle’s problems. A service fee is applied to this further diagnostic testing and research.

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From the “code read”, the vehicle displayed an oxygen sensor code. To accurately fix the car an experienced diagnostic technician, must conduct further testing and evaluation.

In this case, our technician found pin holes in the exhaust system which skewed the oxygen sensor reading. If the oxygen sensor was replaced, it would NOT have fixed the problem. The car would cycle through a self- test and the check engine light would come back on. Repairing the exhaust leaks was the true fix for this vehicle.

If you are having check engine problems, feel free to consult with our service writer to help you with vehicle problems.We are not just a Diagnostic shop, we are a full service facility and offer factory maintenance, 3.000/5,000 mile service checks and 30,000 mile factory services on all makes and models. This will not cancel or void your vehicle’s warrante.

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Vehicle Electrical Systems
One key subsystem that powers your car is the electrical system, which runs on voltage generated by the battery and alternator working together. Many components such as the ignition system, headlights, wipers, stereo, lights, computers, sensors, etc all rely on this system.

Our ASE Certified technicians are experienced in electrical service and updated in using the latest electrical diagnostic equipment to assess and repair such a complex and technical system.