Car Electronic Repair

Electrical Auto Body Shop West Islip

Electrical Work
Automotive Technology of West Islip can perform electrical and charging systems, diagnostic checks as well as replace your alternator. Come in anytime and we will ensure your vehicle’s electrical system is running at full power.

Electrical issues are never a problem when you turn to Automotive Technology of West Islip. Located in West Islip, NY, we can handle all types of electrical services for automobiles, including engine diagnostics, alternator repairs, and more at great prices, nearby for our friends living in West Islip and Metro surrounding area.

Car Electrical System Repairs

Automotive Technology of West Islip has specialized IT / Electrical diagnostic equipment to assess errors, warnings, and inefficiencies in your automobile electrical systems. As technology advances, modern cars require software knowledge to fully optimize 100% maximizing your automobile’s potential, safety, and longevity.

Fix Car Electronics

Dashboard Warning Diagnostic, Headlight Bulb Replacement, Interior & Exterior Lighting Repair, Power Locks Repair, Check Engine Light and more.