Car Muffler Replacement Deer Park

Car Muffler Replacement Deer Park

Car Muffler Replacement Service Cost

Muffler in Deer Park,New York
Our professionals specialize in high-performance and aftermarket exhaust systems. Whether you need a repair or a custom-built system, we have the knowledge and skill to ensure your vehicle reaches peak performance. Whether it’s dual exhaust, custom pipe bending or performance mufflers, we can do it all. We even have you covered when it comes to exhaust systems, glass packs, and 1 ½” to 3″ exhaust. We specialize in diesel exhaust.

As we are open from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, it may be possible to drop your car off before work and have it ready by the time you get off that day. We are also open on Saturday from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. to help meet your needs. In addition to being a muffler repair shop, we also sell and install radiators for most foreign and domestic cars and trucks.

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Catalytic Converter
The catalytic converter is the part of the exhaust system that converts the dangerous fumes produced by a car engine, into a safer gas which can be pushed into the air. The catalytic converter is an expensive part of the exhaust system as it is a complex piece of machinery and repairing it can be complicated. For the same reason, replacing a catalytic converter is also expensive. If there is a small amount of rust on the catalytic converter this can be repaired relatively simply, and even a small hole can be fixed with some welding, however, you will have to go by your mechanics advice as once a hole is too big, it cannot be welded shut.

Exhaust Manifold
The exhaust manifold is the piping that takes the fumes from the catalytic converter and out to the tailpipe which is also part of the manifold. This part can often become loose and rattle from the result of the fittings breaking from extensive rusting. The part can also leak fumes if holes appear, though they can be welded shut. The exhaust manifold should not be too expensive to repair if there is a small hole, but if you need a new exhaust manifold, the price may be quite high depending on the car model.

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Lambda Sensor
The lambda sensor is an oxygen monitor located within the exhaust system. It is critical to keep track of oxygen levels within the exhaust as too much could cause an explosion if it reaches the engine. Getting a new lambda sensor is an inexpensive job and fitting it should not take too long, however, the only way to make sure is by getting a personal quote from a trained technician from Automotive Technology of West Islip to fit a new Lambda Sensor. If you ask for a new oxygen monitor or if the mechanic tells you that you need a new oxygen sensor in the exhaust system, this is the same thing.

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Exhaust repair cost

Car exhaust repair is a service which can be priced at a variety of levels. This is due to the fact that there are a number of things which could go wrong. For example, exhaust hole repair will vary as the size of the damage will be unique to your car and so the cost of exhaust replacement or exhaust pipe repair cannot be predicted, you simply need to get a personal quote from local garages using Automotive Technology of West Islip!

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Trained mechanics working in independent garages, fast fit chains and main dealerships can deliver exhaust repair and new exhaust installation. You can find the best local exhaust specialists by requesting quotes from Automotive Technology of West Islip.

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