Car Radiator Repair Bayshore

Car Radiator Repair Bayshore

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Radiator Repair & Engine Cooling
That guy on the side of the road, hood up, steam spewing out? Don’t be that guy.
Car overheating can come from a variety of sources. With engine combustion temperatures reaching 2000° F and higher, there is a lot of heat to deal with. If your engine is running hotter than normal, either shortly after starting or over time, or if you find coolant (commonly referred to as antifreeze) puddled beneath your car, it’s probably time to stop by your neighborhood Midas for an inspection.

Without a properly functioning cooling system, heat levels produced by your car’s engine are great enough to damage the components of the engine itself. Aluminum heads can warp. Head gaskets can blow. Engines can fail. And those are all big ticket repairs

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Count on Automotive Technology of West Islip to help keep your car’s cooling system operating safely and efficiently and avoid preventable repair expenses. We recommend having coolant replacement performed according to your car’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule. This regular maintenance of your vehicle’s radiator and cooling system can help avoid car overheating and costly repair services. And it’ll help keep you off the side of the road.

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Stop by Automotive Technology of West Islip with any questions or to determine when your vehicle needs this critical service.

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Automotive Technology of West Islip
Automotive Technology of West Islip was the first automotive aftermarket repair chain to offer written estimates before performing auto repair service. That’s just good business. We were also the first to install clear windows and doors between the waiting area and service area, giving customers a transparent view of the work being performed on their cars. Automotive Technology of West Islip has been earning the trust and confidence of car owners across Bayshore. For brakes and brake repair, tires, oil changes, mufflers & exhaust, radiator repair, and all your auto repair needs, you can count on Midas to provide the auto repair service you need, only when you need it. Trust the Automotive Technology of West Islip.

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Whether you need car radiator repair service Automotive Technology of West Islip has you covered.