Car Steering Adjustment Babylon Village

Car Steering Adjustment Babylon Village

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What is the Vehicle Alignment Service?
The vehicle alignment service is an adjustment to your vehicle’s suspension system that is designed to ensure that the angle of all four tires is to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. The purpose of the service is to ensure you get the best traction possible from your tires, as well as ensuring the proper wear of your tires.

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When your wheels and tires are properly aligned, you’ll notice that your vehicle drives better, gets maximum efficiency, and you have the maximum traction possible with your tires. When the vehicle is in need of alignment, you’ll notice that it’s not quite driving the way it should.

Signs Your Car Needs an Alignment
The alignment service is part of your regular service and maintenance schedule. However, there are several signs you may notice between those scheduled services that indicate that it’s time to get a wheel alignment.

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Vibration in the Steering Wheel – If you’re driving down the road, and your steering wheel is vibrating when you are braking, it’s likely you need a wheel alignment. This vibration is caused by the tires not getting proper traction when braking.

The Vehicle is Pulling to One Direction – If you’re driving straight and you feel the vehicle pulling to one particular direction, it’s likely you need a wheel alignment. This pulling is caused by one or more of your wheels not being in proper alignment.

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The Wheel is Straight, but the Vehicle is Turning – If your steering wheel is pointed straight, but your vehicle is turning in one direction or another, it’s likely you need a wheel alignment. This inaccuracy in the steering is caused by your wheels being out of alignment.

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Failing to get an alignment service when you notice any of these signs, can not only be damaging to your vehicle, but it can also be dangerous. A properly aligned vehicle is at its safest, while an improperly aligned vehicle may not get the best traction, may not be steering at its best, and could cause an accident.

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