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Differential oil—it’s one of the most-overlooked automobile maintenance tasks. Call or email us, we are happy to answer your questions. Because the differential is at the rear and under the car, it gets none of the treatment that the engine does. If lubrication in the differential fails, you won’t be getting very far for very long and will likely be looking at a differential repair. Fortunately, you only need to change this oil every 30,000 to 60,000 miles (as always, check your owner’s manual).

If your manual is not available just give us a call and we will be happy to find the answers to your differential questions. Differentials are in most cases pretty dependable but proper maintenance is the key to a long lasting differential.

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When you visit our repair facility you can expect

  • Different differential repair and rebuild warranties and repair types to fit your need.
  • A free differential inspection including a road test, preliminary testing and electronic scan.
  • Written differential rebuild and repair estimates are provided, so you can decide what to do.
  • No work will be done unless you agree and fully understand the process.
  • Extreme Transparency, no hidden anything. We will take your differential apart if needed to get a cost of repair.
  • All work is done on site at our repair centers. No middle person mark up.
  • We don’t just advertise that we are a differential experts. We know how to rebuild differentials.

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Differential repair is a complex and a intricate repair job. Measurements and adjustments must be accurate during a differential rebuild procedure. A Differential rebuild shop is the right choice, sometimes the best option is not right around the corner. We know diffs.

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Why Automotive Technology
We are one of the most highly respected differential repair and rebuild centers in all of Deer Park. We take the time to walk every customer through the repairs process. The initial inspection won’t cost you a cent. We are a real differential rebuild shop, so you can expect educated answers to your questions.

You’ll get a complete checklist of everything that needs to be repaired as well as what it will cost before any work begins. Automotive Technology of West Islip Center has rebuilt thousands of differentials on site.

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In business we assure you that we will be here for you if a problem should occur. WE TAKE PRIDE IN OUR WORK and back it up with warranties to give you the peace of mind you want. Bring your vehicle to a professional differential rebuild mechanic. Give us a call now for a no hassle, no obligation insight of your Differential Repair needs.