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Your differential takes power from the transmission and sends it to your drive wheels. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, you may have more than one differential. If your differential is making noises, it should be checked out to see whether it needs repair or rebuilding.

To have your differential checked out or to get a second opinion on a recommended differential repair, please call us today at Automotive Technology of West Islip for an appointment.

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Understanding the Differential
The differential takes power from the transmission and transfers it by a series of gears to the wheels. These gears not only turn the power at a right angle from the transmission to the axle, but allow the wheels to spin at different speeds, making it easier for your car to turn corners without either tire slipping. All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles have two and three differentials, respectively.

Sometimes people come in thinking they need transmission repair, but they need differential repair instead.

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Is There a Problem in Your Differential?
There are a few ways to tell that you might have problems in your differential. First, does it make noise? The most common noise is a grinding or whining noise that will increase with frequency with your speed. In a rear wheel drive, this is easy to distinguish from transmission noise because it’s coming from the rear of the car, but it may be harder to tell the difference in a front wheel drive because the two components are closer together.

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Another way you might identify differential problems is when the car becomes hard to steer and may have a rhythmic clunking or banging sound as you turn corners.If your differential fails, your engine may be running and the car in gear, but the car won’t move.

Differential servicing

When a differential fails or has been damaged, fixing it requires taking the differential apart and replacing the broken or damaged gears, as well as any other components that may have suffered damage from the failed components.

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At Automotive Technology of West Islip, our transmission experts are also experienced at differential rebuilding, and we can fix this vital component and get you back on the road in no time.For an appointment, please contact Automotive Technology of West Islip today and have the best Automotive Specialists experience of your life! Let us know what you need you need done with your vehicle’s differential. Remember, we’ve got a lifetime of experience in these areas… 🙂