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Is it finally time for a brake repair service on your vehicle? As tough as it is to spend money on auto repair, there is one thing all customers want to keep up with – your braking system. Nobody wants to change their brake pads more often than they have to so here are the variables that go into answering the question of when it’s time for a break service:

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How aggressively does the driver brake?

What is the quality of brake pads currently installed?
What is the overall health of the rotors?
How does the weather impact the braking system?
What is the make and model of the vehicle?
What is the average weight carried or pulled by the vehicle?

There are always recommended intervals by both car manufacturers and brake pad manufacturers ranging from every 25,000 miles to every 70,000 miles. With such a wide gap, how do you know it’s really time for brake service? We believe there are two ways customers can determine when to replace the brake pads on their own vehicle: use the same mechanic for all service and repairs, and understand at a very basic level, the vehicle braking system. If you’re not confident with the latter, we recommend the former and would love for Automotive Technology of West Islip to be your consistent auto shop of choice!

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Let’s go through what actually happens when it’s time for your car to come in for a brake repair. First, we will pull off the old brake pads. There are several types of brake pads:

Organic (rarely used anymore, they just wear too quickly).

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There are pros and cons to each type. No matter which kind of pads you currently have installed, they each have friction material which is meant to wear down over time.

New brake pads to be installed
Once the brake pads are off, we will lube the calipers, slides, and pins.
Next, we will machine the rotors, when necessary.

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We will finish a brake service job by installing the new pads, new shims, and new anti-rattle clips. While we have your vehicle, we will put it through our standard inspection to look for anything else that you may want to know about before going on your way. When the car is ready to go, we’ll speak to you about any recommended future repairs and then you’re out the door! Call us at (631) 321-5209 schedule an appointment with one of our experienced professionals.