Car Battery Replacement

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What does the battery do for your car?

The battery stores energy and provides power to the starter, ignition system fuel system and other electrical components (radio, lights, electric windows, etc.) during start up. It also provides power to the electric components when your car isn’t running.

Symptoms of a Failed or Failing Battery:
  • Car doesn’t start or struggles to start
  • Electrical components don’t work well (lights dim, or flicker, windows roll down slower than normal, electrical seats are slow to move or stop moving)
  • Electrical components won’t work at all
  • It needs a jump-start regularly
Battery Maintenance:
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Corroded battery terminals

Regular vehicle battery maintenance helps prolong your vehicle battery life. The best thing you can do is keep your battery corrosion free. Corrosion appears as a bluish or white powdery substance on the battery cables. This substance is dried acid. If not taken care of, the acid will corrode the terminal-ends and battery cables. If your battery cables are corroded, your battery should be replaced.

 You should also:

  • Check your battery for cracks and loose wires every time you change your oil
  • Park in a well-insulated garage to limit the effects of the weather on the battery
  • Drive your vehicle regularly
  • Avoid frequent, short drives
  • Turn off/unplug accessories like cell phone chargers
Car Battery Services:

Keep in mind that after a battery is worked on or a new battery is installed, you may have to reset your personal settings like the clock and radio stations.

  • Perform a load test
  • Test charge system for proper operation
  • Clean the cables, install anti-corrosion washers
  • Remove and replace the battery if it is bad

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