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Replace Car Struts North Babylon


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North Babylon drivers need to know a thing or two about their vehicle’s shocks and struts in order to properly maintain their car. It is just a simple fact that knowledge is power, and when it comes to something as important as the vehicle that a person relies on for transportation, it only makes sense to be as informed as possible about it. Automotive Technology of West Islip recognizes this, and takes strides to keep drivers well informed about their vehicles. In this regard, Automotive Technology of West Islip is pleased to provide drivers with a little insight on shocks and struts.

What do shocks and struts do?

Most people have heard of shocks and struts, but how many people really know what shocks and struts do? Put simply, shocks and struts help to provide drivers with a smooth ride by preventing the vehicle from bouncing up and down. When a car passes over a bump in the road, the springs absorb the bump, which causes the vehicle to bounce. Without shocks and struts, simple physics would cause the car to continue bouncing. So, in short, shocks and struts help to keep a car from bouncing excessively.

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Are shocks and struts the same thing?

While shocks and struts are different in design, they serve the same purpose. Essentially, shocks are designed to absorb the bounce from a different type of spring than struts. Depending on the make and model of a particular car, shocks or struts may be present on either the front or rear of the chassis. It is important to have a mechanic with expertise in both shocks and struts examine the undercarriage of a vehicle periodically. Only somebody who understands shocks and struts is suitable to properly diagnose a vehicle, and Automotive Technology of West Islip has a team of just such technicians.

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When should a driver bring a car in to have the shocks and struts examined?

The best indication that a vehicle’s shocks and struts need service or replacement is when the car seems to bounce excessively when driven. Drivers who notice their car is driving in a bouncy fashion can investigate by checking their tires for uneven wear, which is another indicator that the shocks and struts need to be looked at.

Finally, drivers who know where the shocks and struts are located on their vehicle can take a look at them and check for oil. Shocks that are leaking oil generally need to be replaced.

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Shock and strut replacement…

There are a variety of reasons why drivers should have worn shocks and struts replaced, not the least of which is that a bouncy vehicle is uncomfortable to drive around in. But discomfort pales in comparison to the issues with safety that worn shocks and struts cause. When a car bounces excessively, it becomes more difficult to control, and drivers put their personal safety in jeopardy. Finally, it is important that each component of a vehicle works properly, to prevent harming other components from falling into disrepair from the additional strain.

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When it comes to shocks and struts, there is really only one viable option in the East Valley. North Babylon’s Automotive Technology of West Islip has developed a reputation for quality service and reasonable prices over the past 20 years. The technicians at Automotive Technology of West Islip are the North Babylon’s premier shock and strut team, and drivers can count on them to get the job done right.