Why Does My Car Overheat Every Time I Drive It?

Bring your car, truck, or SUV to Automotive Technology of West Islip if the engine is overheating all the time. Better yet, have the vehicle towed to our shop so that you don’t cause additional damage to the engine. Operating a vehicle with an overheating engine can blow the head gasket, crack the engine block, or crack the exhaust manifold. Below are the causes of an overheating engine.

Faulty Water Pump

If the water pump has gone bad, which can happen after about 100,000 miles, you may not have any coolant circulating through the engine. This is the job of the water pump. Consequently, your engine will overheat because it is being coolant-starved.

Faulty Thermostat

The water pump cannot circulate the coolant if it does not receive it from the thermostat. Consequently, the thermostat can also make the engine overheat all the time. It also lasts about 100,000 miles, after which it can malfunction and refuse to release the coolant.

Leaking Coolant

The engine is going to overheat if the coolant level is also too low. Coolant can leak out of the radiator hoses, the radiator, the seals and gaskets, the overflow reservoir, the water pump, or the thermostat. Leaking coolant will definitely make your engine overheat.

Clogged Cooling System

As we mentioned above, coolant is circulated throughout the engine by the water pump. If there is a clog in the cooling system, such as a clog in a radiator hose, the coolant may be stopped and not make its way throughout the engine. Parts of the engine will overheat if this is the case.

Faulty Cooling Fan

The coolant gets hot as it circulates through the engine, so it is returned to the radiator where it is cool down by air inlets and a cooling fan. You have probably heard this fan turn on once the engine starts to get too hot. If you do not hear the fan, it is not operating.

Damaged Radiator

Finally, damage to the radiator can also make the engine overheat. The air inlets can get clogged by dirt flowing in from the outside, the radiator bottom can rust and leak, or the radiator can be damaged by road debris or an automobile accident.

Automotive Technology of West Islip in West Islip, NY, is here to help, so call us today so we can set up a service visit for your automobile. We will determine why your engine is overheating all the time and fix the problem.

Photo by joebelanger from Getty Images via Canva Pro